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Product listings are a careful coordination of visual and textual elements that appeal to buyers and technical elements that attract attention from the Amazon algorithms. Changing one keyword in your listing can suddenly turn on the lights, making your product more visible and sales start to role in. Creative Brainz has mastered the art and science to developing the best listing for your products.


Product Title

After amazing photos, your product’s title is the first piece of content potential customers interact with, so it’s important to build you a powerful title! Sellers who want to be successful on Amazon need to understand the importance of crafting effective titles for each product. The product title on Amazon is the first impression made on potential buyers that raises discoverability and dictates how the product will be indexed on the website. We design keyword rich titles to maximize your listing’s exposure and conversion rate.

Bullet Points

Amazon bullet points are the second attribute that customers read when looking at your product listing and play a major role in their buying decisions. You receive a set of five beautifully crafted bullet points strategically designed to accentuate your product’s key selling points that provide increased keyword exposure within organic search results on Amazon. We design feature bullets to inform, convince, and aid the sales process. Every bullet has the conversion goal in mind.

Product Description

Product descriptions aren’t just intended to describe a product; they’re also meant to sell your product. We create customized product descriptions with a focus on driving your online sales. We write descriptions that speak directly to your target customer by highlighting your product’s most appealing features and give the customer the right details to make a buying decision. All descriptions contain strategically placed SEO-friendly keywords to draw organic search traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Backend Keywords

Amazon’s backend search fields come in handy: Use them to include all the keywords that are relevant, but didn’t quite fit in the title or bullet points. This is also a good place to put keyword variations that aren’t suitable for visible integration, like colloquial synonyms or common misspellings of certain keywords… translation, better visibility and more sales!

Special Packages for Amazon Sellers


  • One product ASIN
  • Optimized product title
  • Five bullet points
  • Product description
  • Backend keywords



  • One ASIN up to 10 variations
  • Optimized product title
  • Five bullet points
  • Product description
  • Backend keywords


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