Why Use WordPress for Your Website

Why Use WordPress for Your Website

As you know, there are many web development platforms out there, and new ones popping up all the time. Have you heard of SquareSpace, Joomla or Meteor? The one you hear of most often, though is WordPress. That is because it is the best choice for your business.
We develop websites for all types of businesses, including e-commerce which can be tough on a website manager. These are some of the reasons we use WordPress more often than any other development platform:

WordPress launched its first version in 2003 and continues to improve and grow. Many of these other web platforms you hear about try to compete with WordPress, but they don’t last. Many are hard to work with, inflexible for future expansion, and incompatible with other formats.
If you build a website on another platform, in a few years time you may find yourself without any technical support or additional tools to maintain your website. We know that WordPress is going to be around at least as long as your business, and it will continue changing and developing with the needs of the internet.

Everyone likes to back a winner, but that is not the main reason you should choose WordPress for your website. WordPress does enjoy a phenomenal amount of popularity worldwide, and for good reason. That popularity can benefit you and your business, too.

A popular web platform like WordPress wants to keep and grow its market. The developers are going to work extra hard to keep the world of WordPress users happy, and develop new tools to stay ahead of the competition.
WordPress popularity also means there are a lot of people out there who know how to use this content management system (CMS). When you go to hire a website manager, you will find several qualified people available. In comparison, just see how many content managers are experienced in Joomla.

WordPress works for every type of business. Whether you are in e-commerce or professional services, WordPress has the flexibility to accommodate your specific website needs. WordPress has hundreds of design templates to choose from, but each template can be customized to look and act like your own unique website.
The addition of plug-ins can help your website grow with your business. There is no end to how a WordPress website can be altered or customized over time. Unlike other website platforms, WordPress does not lock you into a a design that is difficult or expensive to alter when you are ready.

Everyone knows that the key to a successful online presence for your business is a website that comes up in search results. While SEO is a complex balance of keywords, meta tags, and smart content, WordPress makes it a little easier.
Google may actually favor WordPress sites because they are easier to crawl and index. The WordPress CMS also has some built in tools to help you better manage your SEO. We like to build websites that get good results for our client, so WordPress is our preferred platform.
Developing a new website or rebuilding your old business site is a major commitment. There are a lot of decisions to make, beginning with what platform to use. At Creative Brainz, we take the frustration out of technical decisions about your website. You tell us what you want it to look like and how it should function, and we make it so. Check out our web development services, today.


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